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Elite Medical Evaluators

Since being established, ELITE Medical Evaluators, has been known for its unparalleled commitment to ALL of our physicians and their patients.  As a physician-owned company, we truly understand what issues doctors face each and every day.  That is why we offer the most desirable rates in the industry, quality locations within your desired zip code, automated tracking features, and an overall “ELITE” experience.  It is this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the company we are today.  Join us to experience how QME & AME management is done the right way.


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Over the past 30 years, JTECH Medical has become the recognized leader in functional evaluation systems and software solutions where at this time many industry leading California practices within the Workers Comp and Med Legal spaces have adopted our technology. Our “one click generated” custom narrative reports have been proven to increase revenue in multiple ways while saving time in exams and writing reports.


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Expert MRI

Expert MRI is a cutting-edge medical diagnostics company featuring the region’s foremost experts in neck/spine injury and general orthopedic imaging. The physicians and staff at Expert MRI are among California’s most knowledgeable and experienced at diagnosing orthopedic and traumatic brain injury. In addition to extensive MRI capabilities, we also use CT and X-Ray technology to assist in properly diagnosing your patient’s condition. 

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With more than 45 California locations, Precision Medical Group, Inc is California's leader in providing high-quality, patient-centered electrodiagnostic testing, specializing in nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG).

  • 40 + California locations.
  • 25 + years in business. Contracted with most major mpn’s and networks.
  • Prompt patient scheduling and reporting Board Certified Physicians in Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Neurology, and Physiatry.




H-Wave is a unique electrical stimulation device used by patients at home to speed recovery and manage chronic, acute or post-operative pain. Published research has shown that Home H-Wave helps patients significantly reduce or eliminate their medication usage and improve their function. The FDA cleared H‑Wave is used nationwide by patients, doctors, therapists, and over 70 professional sports teams to get people back to living and performing at their best.


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eData Services provides health information management solution to over 700 physicians and lawyers throughout the U.S.. Among the services provided by eData are virtual medical office assistants; virtual medical scribes; medical record and deposition summarizing, and history taking. eData started operations in 2001 and currently employs over 500 medically trained individuals in its centers of operations located in Manila, Philippines and Guadalajara, Mexico. Contact us to find out how we can help streamline your operation and significantly reduce your cost of operations while maintaing the high standards you expect.



Disabled Workers Advocates

Disabled Workers Advocates is a QME management company that focuses on 3 things:

• Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust Fund – We solely evaluate applicants for labor disablement and SIBTF qualifications.

• Physicians – Our physicians are our top priority. We start with favorable contracts and follow it up with SIBTF training, marketing, acquiring medical records, and efficient summary with relevant page counts. We have a dedicated billing and collecting staff for a fast payment turnaround. We communicate with our doctors better than anyone else in the industry.

• Attorneys – We assist in training attorney’s staff on SIBTF. We assist the law firm with administrative support and communicate with their clients and staff better than anyone else. We handle records, scheduling, and communication with the applicant regarding evaluations and status. We take pride in serving our clients.

If you are an attorney or a physician looking to increase your volume knowledge in the SIBTF space, please call us.


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Turnaround International is a Pune, India based global service provider specialized in medical and legal support services and revenue cycle management. Our Integrated Staff Extension services enable cost effective manpower solutions. The concept is simple – your Indian based “staff” work under our supervision, guidance and structure in our office in India at a fraction of the US cost structure. We specialize in California Workers Compensation and Private Insurance.

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VibrantCare Rehabilitation is an Outpatient Physical Therapy Provider with operations that have been in business since 1974. VibrantCare currently has 40 wholly-owned outpatient physical therapy clinics in three States (CA, AZ and NM) that perform over 200,000 physical therapy visits annually; 50,000 of which are workers compensation related visits. Out of the 40 clinics, 25 of them are located in California. VibrantCare provides On-Site Physical Therapy and Athletic Training services for several large, well-known employers. With VibrantCare’s vast experience as a provider of Worker’s Comp Physical Therapy Services, our clients receive services from a provider with a proven track record in treating pre-injury, post-acute injuries and education in injury prevention.

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IPM is California’s largest pain management practice with over 20 locations in Northern and Southern California. Our multidisciplinary group of physicians and providers offer treatment options personalized for each patient, recognizing that no two patients are alike, and neither is their pain. Services range from advanced interventional pain management procedures and psychological support to functional restoration programs. Our experienced, committed team of providers approach each patient with one goal in mind: to help patients return to normal daily activities.



Medical Legal Experts

Medical Legal Experts. Comprehensive Administrative Support Team for QME, IME, AME, SIBTF We support our members from Scheduling clear through to billing and collections..