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CSIMS 2024 MedLaw TriCon

Three Tracks of Education

for Doctors and Attorneys

Personal Injury, TBI & Workers' Compensation 

 August 14-17, 2024

San Diego, Ca

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California Society of Industrial Medicine & Surgery

Supporting  doctors and affiliated partner members through advocacy, education, and community in order to continue to provide quality service and create meaningful change in the medical legal field of medicine.






"I joined CSIMS to be a part of the only California organization solely dedicated to assessment and treatment of injured workers. I was interested in supporting an organization that understood the specific issues of physicians within the California Workers' Compensation system and actively worked to improve the environment of care for injured workers."

-Matthew Johnson, D.O.

"The doctors in CSIMS are very supportive of each other, and we have power in numbers. CSIMS offers excellent educational resources for doctors and CSIMS is a great advocate for evaluators in California. CSIMS keeps me updated on the changes and important news in the system. Most importantly, it greatly helps me in many aspects of my practice, especially assisting injured workers in the California Workers’ Compensation System."

-David Abri, DDS

"Since its birth in 1980, CSIMS has worked to ensure that a person injured at work has high quality medical care in a manner that is cost effective for employers. CSIMS serves the medical community by teaching doctors how to deal with the complex laws concerning work injuries and its advocacy in establishing new laws affecting treatment and evaluation of work injuries. For health-care providers, its voice is your voice. Please join so your concerns are addressed."

-Michael D. Roback, M.D.

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