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California Society of Industrial Medicine & Surgery (CSIMS)

We are an organization founded by doctors to support doctors and other professionals in the industrial medicine forum through education, advocacy and supporting the interests of our members and the integrity of the workers’ compensation system.

Our Beginning


CSIMS was founded by nine dedicated physicians who banded together in 1980 to fight for the rights of physicians. The foundational mission of CSIMS was to join forces to form a powerful voice in the medical-legal arena in order to shape the future of workers’ compensation in California. In our 42 years, CSIMS has remained dedicated to this mission, acting as an powerful collective voice, influencing the laws and regulations of workers’ compensation. As the only organization for physicians in the workers’ compensation arena, CSIMS has also become a leading provider of education for medical-legal evaluators and treating physicians to ensure high standards of care and expertise within the industry. CSIMS is dedicated to fostering mentorship and community in order for our members to support each other and positively influence the professional development of our members.


The three pillars which remain the enduring cornerstone of CSIMS are our dedication to Education, Community, and Advocacy.


Education & Community


CSIMS is committed to delivering top-notch education for medical-legal evaluators and treating physicians, aiming to uphold the highest standards of care and evaluating expertise within the industry. Keeping abreast of the latest case law and evolving regulations is crucial. We facilitate meaningful dialogue and educational opportunities. We also bring together valuable resources including attorneys, workers’ compensation judges, DWC leaders, and payers, in order to create a meaningful dialogue to inform and educate our members.

• Conferences: Our conferences are exciting dynamic events facilitating learning, networking, and building expertise with available CME, QME, and CLE continuing education credits for attendees.

• Online Events: We hold exclusive learning opportunities for members on a regular basis, including case consultations, dialogues with industry leaders, updates on medical-legal matters, and live symposiums.

• Physician-Only Discussion Board: This dedicated platform, available exclusively to members, serves as a vibrant community where doctors can inquire, seek advice, obtain insights, and engage in meaningful dialogue with peers. It is a space where physicians can collaboratively navigate the intricacies of the workers' compensation system, providing support and guidance to one another.

• Physician-Attorney Discussion Board: This platform allows doctor-members to engage with attorney-members to create a medical-legal dialogue helping doctors to understand the attorney perspective and vice versa.




CSIMS is the leading voice of change for physicians in workers' compensation.   Whether you are a treating physician, QME or AME, attorney, or provider of services within the workers’ compensation domain, we are all obligated to adhere to the laws and regulations governing workers' compensation in California. Navigating California's workers' compensation system is a complex task, with challenges including staying abreast of proposed legislation, comprehending the implications of legislative updates, overcoming third-party obstacles, and ensuring fair compensation. A considerable number of both doctors and attorneys were unaware of the details surrounding the last fee schedule change, even after its effective date. In contrast, CSIMS played a pivotal role leading up to the change, actively advocating for equitable compensation for doctors across all specialties.  The organization successfully steered negotiations, resulting in a more fair and balanced fee schedule agreement.

In the realm of workers' compensation, influential entities such as employers and payers frequently have conflicting interests with doctors operating within the same arena.The legal and regulatory framework is in a constant state of flux, underscoring the importance of doctors having a powerful voice. Ongoing advocacy on behalf of doctors is crucial. It is imperative that doctors actively engage with legislators and the Department of Workers' Compensation to pass meaningful legislation and prevent the passage of potentially detrimental legislation.


 As CSIMS continues to uphold its mission, it will remain an indispensable resource for physicians and professionals in industrial medicine, contributing to positive changes in the field and advocating for the rights and well-being of its members.

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