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DWC Adopts Rule Allowing Electronic Service of QME Reports

med-legal updates Apr 14, 2022

The DWC has stated that permanent changes to the California Code of Regulations Section 36.7 have taken effect on Tuesday, April 13th.

You may ask...what does this mean?

What it means is that qualified medical evaluators are allowed to serve medical-legal reports electronically, in comparison to the past when providers were required to serve the reports by mail.

“The proposed regulation reduces waste by decreasing printing and postage through use of electronic service,” the division said. “Further, the parties receive the report faster, which results in benefits being issued to injured workers. This regulation was in effect from May 2020 to Feb. 18, and stakeholders have developed systems to comply with this regulation and would like to utilize these business systems for efficiency.”


You can read more about this by clicking here:

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