Upcoming CSIMS Medschool Luncheon Zoominars (Feb 8th-25th)

csims online events Feb 07, 2022

The first week of February is already over- WOW!  If you couldn't tune into last week's CSIMS Medschool Luncheon zoominars, no worries (if you're a CSIMS member)- the recordings & materials have been posted to our Members-Only library.  If you are not yet a CSIMS member and want to see the recordings to last week's sessions covering Med-Legal Reports & False Negatives in MRIs, join us to get immediate access to our libraries. 

Here are just SOME of our upcoming sessions you can't miss...

  • False Negative MRIs, Part 2: The Radiologist Matters
  • The Human Brain Pt. 1: Basic & Advanced Imaging Techniques
  • Pituitary Gland Injuries- The TBI Within The TBI

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